ICT as a Solution to Challenges facing Education in Nigeria Part II

Various ICT tools are being used in learning processes and  for education worldwide. One important thing in considering ICTs to use for a particular region is how they blend with the cultures and climate of that region. ICTs should be tailored to fit the particular need of a people.

The government of Nigeria has  introduced some reforms in the educational system with an aim to adopt methods of Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which paves way for a lot to be done in this area (Adamu in Ubogu, 2011).


There are many benefits in using ICT  to solve some of our problems in the educational sector. According to Microsoft,  ICTs  in developing countries are increasingly being used as a tool to supplement traditional curricula and teaching methods and to open new opportunities for skills. ICTs Lower  cost and provides easy access to learning materials for students who can’t be physically present (Microsoft, 2004).  ICTs play an important role in increasing quality of education and innovation  in developing countries. Osakwe, (2012)  Highlighted the importance of ICTs for record keeping in Nigerian Universities.

Kwacha, (2007) indicated the following are some required urgent steps towards the adoption and use of ICTs in education.

  • Adoption of ICT international standards and and including them  in the Nigeria teachers  curriculum. Continuous provision of  training for teachers on ICT skill acquisition.
  • Development and training of ICT experts, specifically for instruction design and development, who will work in partnership with educators and teachers.
  • Funding: Government at all levels should make ICT a matter of priority, improve the funds specifically needed for the training of teachers/students in computer education who will be equipped with ICT knowledge and skills.
  • The issues regarding  electricity power supply is a major problem curbing the adoption and integration of ICTs in education. This should be fixed.

(Nwosu & Ogbomo, 2011)

A report for ICT and Education in Nigeria is available for download HERE

Some ICT tools  for Education include:

Pass Jamb

PASSJAMB.COM.NG software is designed with the understanding that  JAMB is an aptitude test that measures the cognitive and spatial reasoning of student’s knowledge under pressure as against other examinations that basically tests students knowledge and understanding of subjects only. This service offers past JAMB questions on the go anywhere, anytime, simulates real exam, analysis of individual performance, Gives students feedback, provides important resources needed to pass the exam including a database of past jamb questions and answers.

Google docs

Google Docs is a free  cloud based  office suite  service by Google. Google docs is packaged by Google under it’s Google Drive. It was formerly a storage servive until Google Drive. Google docs allows users to work on documents online and collaborate with others in real time.

Microsoft Office

Microsoft office is a desktop based office suite by Microsoft. The software is designed for  Microsoft Windows and OS X operating systems. The office suite’s main platforms are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

Jamb Tutor

Jamb Tutor  enables students prepare for jamb exams with a focus on mobility. Enabled by an innovative testing and reporting platform, Jamb Tutor is specifically tailored to meet the needs of Nigerian students preparing for the U.M.E Jamb examinations. 


PASSNOWNOW is Nigeria’s prime Learning based social Community that employs contemporary solutions and innovation to teach, engage, entertain and empower Young people growing from Teenage into early adulthood.


Acadar is an  online platform that searches for  exam questions from people around (the crowd) and makes these questions available for persons in need of them.  Users have accounts on this platform where they are charged by  Acads(the unit of transaction in Acadar) whilst playing the game.  The people who contribute are awarded a percentage of the removed scorings per question they contributed.


Currently being adopted in Nigeria (NUC project) as a world bank sponsored  project. Turnitin is a web based plagiarism prevention platform. Users of this service typically, buy licenses to submit essays to Turnitin. The service checks the essays for plagiarised material or unoriginal information.

With training on ICTs and implementation of tailored solutions to solve education problems, ICT in Education in Nigeria will go a long way. But first , we have to deal with some issues cited above to allow for full adoption.


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